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Belle Tire Site Redesign

Huge translated the superior in-store relationship to a new online shopping experience powered by an intuitive tire finder process, personalized recommendation engine, click to chat functionality and dynamic pricing. The overall site experience tone and visual style was reinvented with an emphasis on simple terminology, navigation, and user interface accompanied by a conversational tone and photography focused on people. We designed an enhanced tire finder and tire recommendation engine where customers can easily answer questions about their vehicle and driving needs that result in a three tiered personalized set of results. The shopping experience included a redesigned online quoting and appointments system that made understanding the different aspects of tire purchase and installation intuitive for customers.

Client: Belle Tire
Company: Huge
Role: Visual Designer

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Reed True ︎
is an art director and designer living in Los Angeles, CA
working full-time at
Huge and pro-bono with Design For Black Lives
Find her at ︎
︎ rnowels@
︎ @ reedtru3